How Our Reviews & Buying Guides Work

Our reviews and buying guides are designed to be informative and enjoyable to read. We always try to strike the right balance between the depth of content and being accessible to the average user – and we try to keep everything as succinct as possible – after all, who wants to read a novel on their smartphone? 

Most of our reviews and buying guides are completed by one member of our team, although sometimes we will give second or even third opinions on a single product. If there is no second opinion then you can be sure that our team agrees with the reviewer – trust us, we can be a feisty bunch and we all want our voices (and opinions) to be heard.

We generally have two different kinds of pages; buying guides and reviews. The latter tends to focus on individual products and offers a comprehensive overview of the key features and our general experiences when using it. Our buying guides tend to be more of a round up of products within a category – e.g. best time travel watches for adults. Who knows, one day that might make it in! 

Individual products are rated out of 5 – and of course the decimal place is crucially important and never omitted. Our buying guides tend to be structured slightly differently but will usually involve some kind of ranking order – e.g. top 10 – and will often be categorized in terms of who will find that particular product best – e.g. The TimetravelG7 is best for those on a small budget who are happy to travel up to a week in to the future or past. We do cover real products too – honestly. 

It’s worth pointing out that we do make small commissions if you decide to purchase through one of our links. This is how we fund the website and it allows us to continue to bring you our cutting edge reviews – we promise that you will never pay more by using one of our links and we try and send you to the place with the lowest price.  

Everyone hates advertisements – including us – so we generally don’t use them on our site. If you are anything like us then your internet experience possibly resembles that of a moth in a room full of light bulbs (just visualize that for one second) – constantly flitting from one shiny object to another – we hope that by keeping your experience on RoundGadget advertisement free we can keep you engaged and focused on our content for a few minutes of your day. We do of course hope that you will come back to us again which is why we constantly update and review our old reviews (for want of a better phrase). 

Ultimately, we hope you will find at least a modicum of value in our website, buying guides and reviews. If this is the case (or even more so if this is not the case) then please let us know and if you do think we do a good job then we’d love you to spread the word. We can be found on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and would love it for you to interact with us there and share us with your friends – there is plenty of us to go around.

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